Bend Hits The Big Times

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Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning –  Benjamin Franklin

Just the other day, I was exploring Sunriver’s amazing paved bike trails. At the end of the adventure, I stopped at the Woodlands golf course McDivot’s for a delicious lunch with ice water. The family and I sat outside since the weather was so warm and the greens so bright. We happened to take the table next a very nice gentleman from Portland who was already sitting at a table on the patio. Before we knew it we were all chatting away in the friendly style of this neck of the woods. He had done his research and said that Bend was the fastest growing city in the United States. I was a little bit surprised, “the number one?” I asked. He said he thought that was what the article said and that our metro area’s population had grown to be around 150,000.

I knew we have been growing but this was still a surprise. As we drove back to Bend, I thought about Bend back in 1997 when my family and I arrived from Scotland. Yes, back then the population was only 33,740 or thereabouts. I remember that the town had a lot of people walking around with backpacks and they were dressed in outdoor gear. It was a true hiking, climbing and skiing type of town with little in the way of the arts. The demographics of Bend were so different back then as compared to today. Today Bend is a town with something for everyone.

I sat back in the car as we drove back to Bend, and I marveled at the growth of this special town and wondered where it was going to go.

I searched the Internet when I got home and found the article. The US Census Bureau reports that the Bend metropolitan area was among the nation’s fastest growing areas from 2013 to 2014. I continued to search and found various articles putting Bend at ten then another putting Bend at seven. The exact ranking of our town does not matter, but what does matter is that we are seeing a tremendous population explosion in our town.

The Bend Bulletin recently wrote an article estimating that Central Oregon in 2065 will have an estimated population of 416,764 with Bend’s population growing to more than 194,793. This is enough to blow your socks off.

Where will we go – no one knows for sure but each day in this wonderful town is another day of living a great life.

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Thank you!

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