Personality Traits of a Successful Realtor®


Have you ever wondered what are the the personality traits that separate a successful realtor from a mediocre realtor.  Here are the top four traits that are extremely important, and that are worth looking for when deciding on the realtor that will best suit your needs.


Passion is one trait that the most successful leaders in every industry share. It takes passion to persevere through times that would make impassioned people quit. But what exactly are successful realtors passionate about? If you said “making money,” you’ve missed the point. Realtors® are passionate about homes. Houses, neighborhoods, architecture, landscaping, and construction are not just topics to brush up on as a means to the end of a decent paycheck. In order to be a successful agent, you must be consumed by the actual physical details of the products you are selling, and for these individuals, those products are homes that build families and memories. What could be more important? Anyone can part a fool from his money, as the old proverb says, but it takes an extraordinary obsession to become the kind of Realtor® that customers return to and recommend time and again.

Attention to Detail

What’s the difference between exclusive agency and exclusive right? Real estate agents, especially when interacting with clients, need to have all the answers and they need to have them fast. Sellers can easily sniff out a hesitation or a gap in knowledge, which undermines confidence in their realtor. Attention to detail is not just for contract negotiations, either. Paying attention to a client’s individual preferences—even something as simple as bringing a client her favorite brand of coffee to a showing—can provide an immense return on investment. Every detail counts in the real estate industry, and the most successful pros can visualize the details along with how they all fit into the bigger picture of a listing.


Real estate, like many sales-oriented industries, can take years of dogged determination with little reward before it starts paying off. Not everyone has the capability to persevere when the fruits of labor are uncertain. That’s why successful Realtors® are always a tenacious bunch. A competitive spirit can help you remain persistent, but too much competitiveness may turn off clients and distract from their needs. Persistence doesn’t have to mean grueling hours; it can be achieved through smart planning, rigorous organization, and the willingness to go out of your way to deliver exactly what your client wants.


A successful Realtor® never stops learning and never stops asking questions. In order to thrive in the modern real estate industry, you must know about trends, technologies, marketing, finance, law, and so much more. For some people, keeping up with trends of just one of those topics can be exhausting. That’s why genuine intellectual curiosity combines with persistence to create a super real estate agent, capable of managing listings and updating marketing materials from a Smartphone at a conference, just before meeting a buyer for lunch. If you can’t do it, the Realtor® next to you might, and guess who gets the commission?

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